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Moviplast offers a wide range of foils:

  • foils with a maximum width of 2400mm
  • shrink foils
  • food packaging foils
  • warning foils (for gas pipes, electric cables, optical fibre cables, high altitude working environments, roadway work, etc.)
  • agricultural foils, with or without U.V. stabilizers
  • VCI foils
  • antistatic foils
  • general utility foils

The low-density polyethylene foils (LDPE) can be 100 to 5.000 mm in width, while the thickness ranges from 0,025 mm to 0,20 mm.

The high-density polyethylene foils (HDPE) can be 150 to 1200 mm wide and the thickness, which varies according to the width, can range from 0,01 mm to 0,07 mm.

Foils for packaging food products are approved for this purpose by the Ministry of Health and Family.

On widths of maximum 1200 mm, the foils can be printed in 1-6 colours, including polychromy.

Moviplast can also supply polypropylene-based foils, printed in 1-6 colours and polychromy.