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Products / Bags

Moviplast can produce the following types of bag:

  1. bottom seal bags;
  2. side seal bags;
  3. bags with flap;
  4. bags with flap and adhesive tape
  5. blocked bags for automatic packing of bread
  6. blocked bags
  7. bags on roll
  8. round botom bags for to poultry packing;
  9. microperforarted bags;
  10. bags for frozen products (we can produce bags for products freezed at 78° C)

Moviplast can produce:

-side seal bags width 30-800 mm, lenght 40-1200 mm

-bottom seal bags, width 100-2000 mm, lenght 150-10.000 mm

The bags can be printed in 1-6 colours

Moviplast can produce also BOPP bags, printed or not printed